Resource Guide Update

Hello, it’s William.  You were directed here from one of my YouTube video’s to grab a copy of my resource guide.  I’ve decided to take it down until further notice.

I might re-write it soon and make it available again sometime in the future.  For now, just enjoy the rest of my video’s.  If you have specific questions, please post them in the comment section of ANY video and I’ll get notified and reply.  You can also find me on Instagram and send me a private DM. My handle is:  @wrcosentino

Thank you for supporting me and watching my videos!  Wish you the Best.


Q – Are you an I.T. Video Gamer? VERY Important message for those that need to hear it.

This is for people who complain that life sucks but yet spend(aka, waste) too much time playing video games and watching video game tutorials online!
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